Energy efficient building

At the present moment whole world is solving problem of energy saving, making researches in different areas regarding this issue.


Franzoni & Co, as certified by Klimahaus technologies, is kindly providing you our professional experienced solutions in this field. The idea is to build house environmentally friendly and health-promoting, economically profitable, free of construction damage and enhances property values.


The low energy cost of KlimaHaus construction has advantages of living quality reflected both in everyday life and in business use.



The PRINCIPLES of a KlimaHaus:

Compact construction


Compact construction


Highly insulated exterior


Thermal protection windows


Air-tight execution


Avoidance of thermal bridges


Use of solar energy


Optimised construction methods

As example, we would like to meet you with one of the finished objects made and approved by Klimahaus technologies.


Private house in Riga, Latvia was considered to build in 8 month-with conceptual idea of energy efficient building. Franzoni & Co with team of professionals, took part also in consultation of projecting part regarding energy saving solutions. All materials were chosen based on best solutions of world energy market proposals and partners co-operations.

Aeroc basement,  heating system with certificate ETAG 004-Maxit systems, Thermal protection windows, outside energy efficient roll shutters Beck +Heun, roof bitumen Wirobit, heating equipment Rotex.


Lets save money saving the energy!