Construction Management Services

Preconstruction Services

Franzoni & Co. expands scope

In accordance with our customers' and market requests, Franzoni & Co. has expanded the scope of proposals with the following services:

Our customers will have profitable opportunities to order from popular Italian suppliers with special pricing!

Franzoni & Co. provides a full scope of project pre-calculation of energy efficient building including planning, consultation, energy calculation, soundproof systems, etc.  We offer site supervision, building inspection and approval.

The experienced professionals at Franzoni & Co. understand all aspects of the construction management process. Our management team has years of valuable construction management knowledge and experience. Many have even developed innovations in the industry.


We have adopted a unique approach to construction that has resulted in successful construction projects for a growing list of satisfied clients. In addition to our construction management knowledge and experience, we use only the latest tools and skill sets available.


The construction management process involves much more than you may expect. We provide a comprehensive range of services that continue throughout the duration of the building cycle. We can ensure your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and is on time and within budget. Our experienced professionals will also help you minimize your risk of on-site construction accidents.


You will receive hard bid numbers from our extensive database of qualified and reliable subcontractors. With each hard bid, you will also receive:

You can save your time, money and frustration by hiring our professional consultants to discuss your particular construction projects. Franzoni & Co. has significant experience with complex building projects, and we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with innovative solutions for your particular building environment.


Please contact us to discuss how our experienced professionals can assist you with your next construction project.

The Franzoni Commitment


We promise to maintain open communication with all of our clients to ensure successful results for their construction projects!

Consulting Services


   Design Furniture


   Light Projection and Design


   Solutions and Strategies for Energy Efficient Buildings - High Comfort - Minimal Energy Consumption - Low Heating Costs - Pollution Prevention


   Individual planning according to the needs of our clients

   Limited construction periods without nerve-racking surprises

   Rise in value – surplus value – profitability!  Klimahouse or Passive House – however you call it – is always about energy efficient building, which is the central theme of profitable projects!


We can help you define and achieve your construction goals. We understand the importance of establishing a solid working relationship between the client and contractor. This will not only ensure the project runs smoothly, but can also affect the outcome of the project before actual construction is started.


This is why Franzoni and Co. offers a comprehensive preconstruction package. Our team of professionals can assist you with: