As General Contractor, we established a stable working relationship with the client, and our professionals process your plans through our experienced partners and local agencies to provide the best construction services.
We provide a comprehensive range of services that continue throughout all duration of the building cycle. We can ensure your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and is on time and within budget.
We develop Clima house projects, residential renovations as well as Retail and Hotel new building development. Our experienced management team and site supervisors are capable of completing your most challenging projects for your schedule.
    Building permits could always be an issue, FRANZONI & CO care of all the necessary authorizations for construction and site insurances, issuing quality Permit Expediting Services and construction permit. We can calculate building permit cost and necessary time needed to receive it. Building site insurance provided.
    Mechanical engineering, electrical, structural engineering. We offer a full service comprehensive of modern engineering, home design, construction engineering, and project management. We are cooperating with experienced partners, structural engineer, experts in graphic design, mechanical, electrical, and construction engineering. We have a partnership with important construction engineering companies
    We can offer ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services. Construction maintenance services, commercial building maintenance, home maintenance services.
  • Consulting services
    Building consulting – architectural consultancy
Our approach
FRANZONI & CO assist you in every aspect of your building project from concept to realization.
  • Discovery
    With a Customer Oriented approach, we closely work with the stakeholders and decision-makers of your project. We define any problems we might foresee and opportunities according to your desired expectations we provide a general timeline for completion. This process enables us to formulate the most effective strategy to ensure success.
  • Requirements
    We define all of the necessary conditions for your construction project and present them for final approval
  • Planning
    During this stage, with the help of construction engineering masters, we define all the technical-design solutions and requirements and prepare a final presentation for approval.
  • Build
    This phase consists of numerous elements such as providing reliable construction team and valuable project management expertise for the entire construction life circle. We are also responsible for overseeing the entire project and managing essential details such as costing, budgeting, and purchasing.
  • Quality Assurance
    As General Contractor and Construction management consultant, Franzoni & Co maintains the highest standards in quality assurance by providing you with only the most experienced project managers. Individuals oversee the entire project and ensure high quality throughout the process. Franzoni & Co. make sure your project is done right every step of the way!
  • Delivery
    We provide your project team with all the essential tools, techniques and training once your construction project is complete. We ensure a smooth handover, so your facility continues to operate efficiently.